Spells and rituals

Banish Negatives

You will need:

1 Black Candle, a binding or protectived incense, Cauldron, Parchment, a black pen.

Cast you circle and light your incense.

Kneel in front of your altar and light your altar candles. FOCUS and CONCENTRATE all negative energies and thought you may have on your subject into the candle. Be careful to fix on the subject and not let your mind wander. Write the person or person's name in black ink on the parchment and chant:

Gods and Goddesses I call thee. Come to my side please help me banish the negative energies that surround me. As I burn this candle in front of you, may all bad thoughts and energies fly away into the night to return to be productive and kind."

Take your parchment and light it from the black candle. Let it burn. Concentrate on the negativity. Visualize it disappearing into the night. Look to the ashes and chant:

"Begone bad light, into the night. Leave my mind never to be in my sight. Gods and Goddesses I thank thee. SO MOTE IT BE.

Home Protection Spell

For an all purpose protection spell, perform during the full moon when the Lady can fulfill the heart's desire. To banish negativity from the home, cast during the waning moon. To attract protective energy and spirits, cast during the waxing moon.

For this spell, find four stones, as round and smooth as possible. Next, find any protective herb, such as basil or carnation. If such cannot be procured, use fresh grass from the area around the home. Make sure both the stones and the chosen herb are cleaned thoroughly. Rub the grass upon each stone until a green mark is made upon it, while visualizing the grass' protective energies passing from the plant to the stone. Once this is done, bury each stone at one corner of the property, while saying this prayer:

Precious stone, this is your home.
An' it harm none, protect your own.

As each stone is buried, visualize that a white barrier is spreading out to touch the barriers of the other stones, sealing the home from harm. Tie knots in the remaining grass and spread over the stone spots. Repeat this every few months, sooner if necessary.

Binding Spell

Note: This is only to be used as a last resort if you believe someone may be using black magick against you.

Do on a waning moon.
On a sheet of paper, write the name of the person who you wish to bind. Also write down some negative behaviors that you would like to change positive. Roll the paper
and wrap with black ribbon, set paper on fire, and place in a fireproof bowl. Chant this until completely burned:

"As this paper chars and burns, all these behaviors soon will turn."

Dump the ash in the water. Visualize it glow with power of peace. Concentrate on your intent. Take the water and ash to a north tree at your home, and pour water & ash
around the base while chanting three times:

"Sink this into mother earth, give love and understanding birth."

Visualize how things will be different.

"So mote it be!"

Unbinding Spell

Note: This spell cannot be turned and there is no spell that
will rebind the person once unbound. Their power will come
back; their body will be free. I would not try to make a
spell to undo this; there is no spell which will achieve
this and people that tried have been bound themselves as a
result. It should also be noted that this spell does not
help those who become bound as a result of trying to break

Two White candles
Two Black candles

Take the person that is bound and place him or her on his or
her back looking up. Place the two black candles at his feet
and the two whites at his head. Light them and then start
the spell.

I call on the gods and goddesses of the old days
as well of those of the new.
Break this spell that they call a binding with your power.
Gods of light move about this man or woman's body.
Allow your power to break the holds on him or her.
Goddesses come down and wake his or her body.
Allow the power that you have given this person to be woken.
I call on the East gate.
Break the binding spell that was placed on this person.
Let it be removed for good.
Do not allow a spell of binding be placed on he or she that is before me.

Place your hands to his or her chest and speak once more

Spell Continues:
Gods and Goddesses and the East gate,
help me within my workings.
Allow your power to move within my hands
and allow the binding that was put upon my friend
to be removed and never to come within him again
may he live or die.
I call on the element of the East, the element of water,
to fill these hands and move within this body
to allow the walls that hold him or her fall.
I call on the gate of the West, the gate of fire,
come forth and burn these walls that hold him or her from awaking
and burn the walls that hold back his or her power.
I call on the gate of the South, break the walls down with your power
so my friend may awaken as well his power.
I call on the gate to the North
to come and let the winds move air within my friend's body.
Unlock the binding that was placed on my friend
and awaken his or her power and body to never be locked again.

Move your hands down the sides of his or her body and say this.

Spell Continues:
O great gods and goddesses
and the gates that hold the elements within,
Send your power within my hands
and break free my friend from this binding.
I call on my friend; within your walls,
break that which holds you.
Open your body to my power and break the walls that hold you.
Come to me, my friend.
O great gods and goddesses,
do not allow the binding to work on this person any longer.
The power of both sides, of the Light and Dark,
Your onus is broken and you are free once more.
As the day and night,
so shall you be of both this day, and not just one.

Back away once getting to his feet and dot move close tell
you see the light of light come over him or her and then the
light of Dark come over him then see his eyes move little.
Then you may go to him or her to hold and help him

Basic Protection Spell

Time: Best done on a Tuesday or Saturday during a waning moon.

Items needed: One red candle and one black candle; myrrh or Protection oil; Protection powder; Protection or Success incense. Two sharp pins.

Instructions: Oil the candles and put them side by side in holders on your altar. Stick a pin in each candle, about a quarter of an inch from the top. Sprinkle the powder in a counterclockwise circle around the black candle, and in a clockwise circle around the red candle. Chant the verse. Visualize yourself surrounded by great walls of protection that nothing and no one with negative intent can cross. When the candle flames reach the pins, extinguish the candles. The next night, move the pins down another quarter of an inch and repeat the spell. Do this for seven nights. Then on the last night, leave the candles to burn out completely. Bury or flush the remaining wax.


Great barriers of shining light protect me from all harm that's near.
Eternal light surrounds my soul, dissolving harm and dread and fear

Source: D.J. Conway's Wicca: The Complete Craft 

Child Protection

Take a green candle and anoint it with a warming, protective oil such as cedar. Work from the candle's center down to its base, and then from the center up to its taper. Light it at the New Moon, and say: "As the Moon waxes, so shall this child's power increase. Keep him (or her) from harm." Picture the child surrounded by a ring of light. The more loving energy you
invest, the stronger the protection. Continue every day until the Full Moon. When the lunar tide turns, light a black candle, saying: "As the Moon wanes, so shall danger diminish. Keep this child from harm." Visualize darkness fleeing from the ring of flaming light. Continue until the Moon is dark. Repeat as necessary.

by Kala Trobe 

Ritual For Letting Go

You will need to set aside several hours to do this, preferably on a Friday evening, when the moon is waning. Switch off the phone and make sure you will not be disturbed. If you are with friends, sit quietly in a circle to create a sacred space that you will all enjoy.


Pink candles - one for each person present

Piece of paper - one for each person present


Cauldron or other fire-proof container

Light a pink candle, one for each person present, and some incense. Look at the piece of paper on which you have listed your doubts and fears. Do you need to add to it? Be honest with yourself. As each feeling surfaces, give it a color. For instance, if you feel sadness give it a brown or black color; If you are feeling intense rage, give it a bright red slash. Then write beside the colors all the experiences and people that it represents. Share your feelings out loud with those who are with you. When you have finished, complete the evening by joining hands together. Put all your fears and doubts into the center of the circle by saying them out loud, and then imagine them being transformed by the beams of love from the universe. Keep your paper with you for three days and three nights. Read and reread it, adding to it whenever you feel it is necessary. On the third night, which will be Monday, the moon's day, set up your altar to create a sacred space. This is a very powerful ceremony and again, you may need a couple of hours in which to perform it, especially if you are with friends.

Light the candles and incense, and sit quietly for a few minutes. For the final time, read your list, and allow the color of each negative thought to come into your mind's eye. Gently release them as you breathe each one out of your body. Then call each person who has been a negative influence in your life into your mind's eye and release them, by saying out loud an incantation along the following lines:


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